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- Handsome HimChannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :-*


Character: Kim Himchan

Group: B.A.P

Age: 21

Background: Kim Himchan grew up as a normal child. However, in his teenage years he shouldered a big secret. At the age of 17 he discovered his own sexuality; he was pansexual, meaning that he didn’t care about genders. He was completely fine with it and practically advertised it, with the way he bragged about romantic and sexual experiences. The only people it wasn’t fine with were his parents and some peers who were unimportant to join. He was truly happy until he turned 18 and his parents kicked him out of the house, claiming that they wanted to wait until he was of legal age so they didn’t feel as guilty. After that incident, he moved around to different cities and experienced an array of jobs just to make ends meet, from being a barista to stripping (which he holds a few small ‘scars’ from) until he was told about the Playboy mansion. He left that city and searched for the mansion, completely unaware of what he was getting into or where he was actually going.

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